Thursday, August 04, 2005

What's in a Name

The official name of the highway bill in "The Transportation Equity Act -- a Legacy for Users." That's shortened to TEA-LU.

Kind of a convuluted name, huh? But remember the Alaska Congressman who heads up the Transportation Committee -- Rep Don Young (R-AK). He's the fellow who included language in the TEA-LU bill to rename a massive bridge in his home state "Don Young's Way."

That's him in the picture.

Rep Young also handed out a guaranteed $14 million in special projects to every member of Congress. Those who voted against the bill turned down the pork, too.

But $14 million can buy a lot of friends. So Rep Young got a bridge named after himself, and the House gave the bill the name of TEA-LU -- Lu is the name of Rep Young's wife. (Boston Globe)

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