Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rise & Fall of a Lobbying Empire

Jack Abramoff (right) was a big man in DC. It's been a long trip to the bottom for him. The Washington Post sums up the lobbyist who may bring down some big politicians:

"He sought to build the biggest lobbying portfolio in town. He opened two restaurants close to the Capitol. He bought a fleet of casino boats. He produced two Hollywood movies. He leased four arena and stadium skyboxes and dreamed of owning a pro sports team. He was a generous patron in his Orthodox Jewish community, starting a boys' religious school in Maryland."

Now he's looking at prison time -- and reportedly working on a plea deal that would shave years off his sentence in exchange for taking down around a dozen members of Congress.

The Post has an in depth look at the rise and fall of Mr Abramoff's empire. (WashPost)

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paulsen said...

Oh the things people will do for money and power. In the end, it's hardly worth it.