Monday, June 06, 2005

Amazing What A Campaign Contribution Can Do

Ali D. Ata and three associates made $3.2 million off Illinois taxpayers. They rented office space to the state. After ten years, they fell behind on their mortgage and Mr Ata declared bankruptcy.

Fortunately for him, he still had $60,000 to give to Gov Rod Blagoevich's (D-IL) campaign.

Next thing you know, the fellow who couldn't manage his finances is managing Illinois'. That contribution helped him land a $127,000 a year gig as executive director of the Illinois Finance Authority -- an outfit set up to streamline state government programs.

OK, so things didn't work out. He left after an audit raised some serious questions. But, hey -- he then landed a contract to be a $55,200 a year consultant for the agency.

Hopefully for taxpayers, he's consulting them on what he did wrong. (Sun-Times)

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