Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Speaking of Iraq

Around two years after his "Mission Accomplished" speech -- President Bush returns to a military setting to again speak to the American people about America's future in Iraq.

The speech two years ago was a fantastic photo-op for the President: Landing on a carrier deck, stepping out in a Navy flight suit, addressing troops on the deck beneath that banner declaring "Mission Accomplished."

That speech was supposed to provide closure for "major combat operations."

But after that the White House confirmed there'd never been any WMDs in Iraq, then the insurgency, and more troops dying than in those major combat operation. Poll after poll shows a majority of Americans no longer support the President's handling of Iraq. His own polls included -- or he wouldn't be delivering tonight's speech.

The President addresses the nation tonight from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. No "Mission Accomplished" banner tonight. Americans need more than a slogan or a buzzword. So the White House promises the President will give specifics about his political and military strategy for Iraq.

He's been talking up Iraq for the past week. It was the subject of his weekly radio address Saturday. Some political analysts believe the Karl Rove comments on liberals wanting to coddle terrorists after 9/11 was designed to muddy the waters -- again -- between the War on Terror (where Mr Bush does well in the polls) and the Iraq War (where Mr Bush is taking a beating in the polls).

Tonight's speech comes on the first anniversary of the US turning over control of Iraq to the Iraqi people. (Boston Globe)

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