Tuesday, June 28, 2005

California Cash

California is in the midst of a budget crunch. That isn't worrying the highest paid people in state government. The number of state workers making more than $132,000 last year almost doubled in the past two years -- nearly 2,000 make the big bucks. The San Francisco Chronicle has a searchable database to let taxpayers on the left coast see who the highest paid people are. (SF Chronicle)


Ike said...

I'd be curious to see a cost-of-living comparison for those "big-bucks" people. It may not be as exhorbitant as it seems.

drydiggins said...

So what if someone earns big overtime. They have shown up to perform the duties. Ask any captain of industry, it's cheaper to overwork your existing staff than to hire additional permanent staff. Oh, I forgot, the current model for middle-class pauperization is to hire temps or, better yet, outsource offshore.

Meanwhile, COLA's (cost of living adjustments) for California state employees are but a distant memory.