Thursday, June 23, 2005

Who's Side are You On

Truth About Hillary

Taegan Goddard at quotes the economist saying The Truth About Hillary may have backfired on conservatives hoping it'd do her in:

"[Author Ed Klein] has succeeded in doing the near impossible: he has written a book that will make all but fire-breathing conservatives sympathetic to her cause... Mrs Clinton can sail on to the Democratic primary confident that this book will not do her the least bit of harm."

I suggested here, six days ago, the book might have effects opposite of what conservatives were counting on:

"And the book is coming out more than three years before the election. It could have the effect of only 'immunizing' the Senator against the same claims during the 2008 campaign.... And in the end, The Truth About Hillary may turn out to be more Fortunate Son than Unfit for Command."

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Gindy said...

I don't know if it will backfire or not. But, something feels wrong about a smear book like this. There is plenty for a conservative to complain about without going this route.