Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Help Wanted: Pesticide Testers

Here's a job for you -- letting bug spray compaines hose you down with their pesticides to see if you break out in a rash, get good and sick, or die.

A panel of experts came up with all kinds of ethical safeguards for human testing of pesticides last year. Presented them to the EPA.

But this is Washington, where ethics are relative...and the connection between regulators and the companies they regulate are practically incestous.

So the EPA is leaving out a bunch of those pesky "ethical" safeguards when it issues new rules. Companies won't have to be so careful when testing poisons on people. They no doubt breathed a deep sigh of relief. You in the testing chamber -- don't breathe so deeply. (WashPost)

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Dr. Lawrence said...

Human testing is going on every time a Scott's Lawn truck makes a visit. In my opinion, pesticide use should be weighed against potential benefits. When the benefits are purely cosmetic or convenience it's much more difficult to justify the health risks. Many towns in Canada have outlawed lawn pesticide use in any form.