Friday, June 17, 2005

FEMA: Money for Non-Disasters, Bills for Real Ones

FEMA handed out millions of dollars in hurricane relief checks to people who didn't need it last year. We're talking about people who filed claims in counties where the storms never showed up.

Now, FEMA's sending out bills, trying to get some money back -- from people who actually had storm damage.

Take the folks at the Belle View condos in Alexandria, Virginia. The place took a $6 million dollar hit from Hurricane Isabel and her flood waters back in 2003. FEMA wants some of the $140,000 they gave the folks who live there.

Condo resident Stephen Snell got a bill from FEMA demanding he return $484 of the $2,000 he got for repairs. He told the Washington Post:

"I'll pay this back when hell freezes over."

Of course if Hell does freeze over, someone would probably be eligible for more FEMA funds. (WashPost)

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