Thursday, June 23, 2005

Putting Work Before Family

The US Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers are hard at work to make it harder for you to take off work for a family emergency. They're leading the fight to get President Bush to cale back the Family and Medical Leave Act. President Bush's father twice vetoed the bill. Bill Clinton made it an election issue in 1992 -- and it was the first bill President Clinton signed into law.

The act lets people take time off work -- without pay -- to take care of a newborn baby or sick relatives.

Business groups claim the law creates chaotic work schedules and covers up laziness. The pro-business Employment Policy Foundation says 15% of American workers took time off under the law last year, costing businesses $21 billion in lost productivity.

On the other hand, the US does not require paid maternity leave -- making it the only industrialized nation without the requirement. There are 139 nations that require it worldwide. (Bloomberg)

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