Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Holy Crap, Religion Problems at the Air Force Academy

A military task force unveils a report later today saying religious intolerance is so bad at the Air Force Academy -- the Pentagon will have to step in to fix it.

The Academy has gotten 55 complaints in the last five years from Protestants, Catholics, and non-Christians claiming religious discrimination, intolerance, and persecution from Evangelicals at the Academy. The Air Force put together a special investigation. It's set to release it's report at 1:00 pm EDT today.

The Rocky Mountain News got a heads up from a cadet's father who got a look at the report before its release.

Mikey Weinstein graduated from the Academy with honors in 1977. He's a former lawyer and advisor in the Reagan White House. He says the report brings up serious problems at the Academy:

"The report states that there are problems throughout the academy in the areas of religious respect and religious intolerance."

Mr Weinstein's son is one of the 55 people who've filed a complaint. Curtis Weinstein says cadets called him "a (explitive) Jew" and accused him of killing Jesus Christ.

Earlier this week, Democrats held up a vote on the Defense budget as they tried to insert a religious tolerance amendment into it. Rep John Hostettler accused Democrats of "demonizing Christians." He's since apologized. (Rocky Mountain News via MSNBC)

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