Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Best Government Money Can Buy

Campaign contributors are reaping profits from a GOP White House and Congressional majority. Check out the cause and effect:
  • Big tobacco gave $2.7 million to GOP candidates, 3-to-1 over Democrats -- The Justice Department slashed their request for a $130 billion penalty on tobacco companies in a court case to just 8% of what experts had testified it should be
  • Securities and investment firms kicked in $47.8 million to the GOP -- President Bush appointed Rep Christopher Cox (R-CA) with a very pro-corporate record to head up the SEC, the Commission that regulates the industry
  • Energy and timber interests gave 39.3 million to Republicans -- the administration lifted bans on road construction, timber harvesting, mining, and oil & gas projects in national forests
The rewards are worth billions -- the tobacco action alone saves contributors $116 billion. That's a 42,962 to 1 return on their investment. May be part of why the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating that move. (USAToday)

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