Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Travelling Texans

The Aspen Institute has spent $3.1 million in the last 5 years -- shuttling 555 Congress members off on junkets. It's one of the biggest spending bunches that tries to influence Congressional votes through travel for Congress members.

The Houston Chronicle has an investigative report on how Texas Congress members rank in raking in free travel.

Topping their list of travelling Texans:

  • Rep Gene Green, $170,000+ in free trips
  • Rep Lloyd Dogget (D), $111,425
  • Rep Tom DeLay (R), $94,568
  • Rep Solomon Ortiz (D) $92,830
  • Sen John Cornyn (R) $62,363
  • Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D) $57,369
  • Rep Joe Barton (R) $55,567

(Houston Chronicle)

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