Friday, June 03, 2005

Indian Money for Democrats

The Jack Abramoff scandal -- initally surrounding House Speaker Tom DeLay (R-TX) -- threatens to spread to both sides of the aisle and take in a lot of party leaders on both sides.

Mr Abramoff collected $82 million from 6 Indian tribes. The money was supposed to be for lobbying and PR fees to promote casino gambling. The money went to persuade people in Congress. Much of it appears to have been spent inappropriately.

Rep DeLay is in trouble for taking trips that Mr Abramoff supposedly paid for. But Mr Abramoff and his staff also sent plenty of money to Democrats and other Republicans.

The Washington Post follows the money. (WashPost via MSNBC)

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Hammer said...

The Post article completely misses the point of the Abramoff scandal. It's not that Abramoff or his interests legally donated money: it's that Abramoff screwed his clients, Abramoff donated money illegally, and there's at least the appearance of a quid pro quo between Abramoff's contributions and DeLay's votes.