Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Going Ape at the Kansas Board of Education

In what may be a big victory for people who don't believe human beings evolved, the Kansas Board of Education is behaving like a bunch of unevolved apes in their debate over teaching evolution.

The Board is divided over how or whether to teach evolution in public schools -- and whether the idea of "intelligent design" should be taught alongside it.

Board member Bill Wagnon attacked anti-evolution members on the board as "dupes" of intelligent design advocates.

On the other side, Connie Morris attacked evolution supporters as in a newsletter declaring: "The Evolutionists are in Panic Mode!"

She further accused evolution backers of:
  • believing an "age-old fairy tale"
  • having "anti-God contempt and arrogance"
  • backing "a theory in crisis"
Now that's some good feces throwing all around! (KCTV)

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