Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Olympics & Politics -- In Black & White

Bryant Gumbel -- in a commentary piece for HBO's Real Sports on February 7 -- compared the Winter Olympics lack of black atheletes to a GOP convention.

Just nine days American Shani Davis (left) became the first black man to win an indivudual gold medal in the Winter Olympics -- ever.

However, this now means there are more black gold medalists in Winter Olympic history than there are black Republican Senators. Don't extinguish the controversy torch just yet.

Radio -- In Living Color

Meanwhile, radio talk jock Rush Limbaugh has his own bout of color blindness. He was critical of Democrats when party leaders leaned on Iraq War vet Paul Hackett to drop his Senate bid in favor of Rep Sherrod Brown's (D-OH) (below) candidacy.

Mr Limbaugh argued part of the reason leaders leaned on Mr Hackett was "racial" -- to benefit an African-American candidate.

Someone got a gray-scale card out and held it up to a picture of Rep Brown. Rush later admitted he got Rep Brown's race wrong. (CNN, Video Courtesy HBO via Media Research Center)

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