Thursday, February 23, 2006

Harboring Terror: Bob Dole likes this UAE Port Deal

Bob Dole likes this UAE port deal. Bob Dole has been hired to lobby for it. Bob Dole's working hard for DP World.

Bob Dole see's nothing dirty about "DP World." Bob Dole doesn't think it sounds like a porno website.

Bob Dole has a lot of political clout. Bob Dole was the GOP Presidential nominee in 1996. Bob Dole works for Alston & Bird -- the company DP World hired last year to get push through the sale.

Bob Dole sold America on Viagra (Bob Dole says, see the picture at right). Bob Dole can sell America on this deal too.

Bob Dole still likes talking about himself in the third person. (Bob Dole, er, The Raw Story)

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