Sunday, February 26, 2006

Harboring Terror: Trust but Verify

The Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee says the UAE has not been an ally in the War on Terror long enough to trust them to manage US ports without a thorough investigation.

Speaking on NBC's "Meet the Press," Rep Peter King (R-NY) pointed out UAE government leaders had close ties to the Taliban and al Qaeda even after 9/11.

Show host Tim Russert pointed out an AP report this week detailed some of those links: that financing for the 9/11 attacks was handled through UAE banks, planning for the attacks was largely done inside the UAE, and UAE government leaders once alerted Osama bin Laden to a US strike meant to kill him -- allowing bin Laden to escape. (NBC)

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Anonymous said...

You gotta be f'ing kidding me.
And 'W' is actually threatening to veto anything that might stop this.

This is the biggest knife in the American's (real American's NOT the fool running the country) backs.

Let's see if I have the correct scoreboard:

1) Tries to pull bait and switch using Saddam to stand in for Bin Laden ( why because he could catch him , dictators aren't likely to go far from their country).

2) In implementing above said bait and switch, current costs to US tax payers (who benefit nothing) for a phoney search for vaporous WMD's using bogus and faulty 'intelligence', not to mention the US lives and the fact that the US military is now so caught up that we are weak.
Not to mention the cleanup costs that they are estimating now.

3) Not a dollars and sense item (pun intended), but the 1000+ US soldiers LOST AFTER we 'WON' the war and the Missions was 'complete' (sorry for the over use of the quotes, but they tend to soak up the bile that us oozing from my mouth as I type).

4) Haliburton hired to to cleanup and rebuild in Iraq on US dime, NO BID contract (oh yea I think Cheney worked for that company once ;-P ). Then same company embezzled from the US Tax payers by overinflating the numbers (I just finished the 1 coats of wax ... now Biff don't con me )

5) Now not only is he hiring a company to watch our ports that is in a country that only a few years ago, helped Bin Laden to avoid getting his arse blown off, this is also a country where the DEA has been watching and prosecuting shipments of drugs into the US from.

And they wanted to impeach Clinton for doing land deals and getting a little from his chubby not so attractive intern.

And they put Martha Stewart in jail for 6 months doing what anyone of us would do if we got that kind of information and were able to get a nice stock hit to cushion out nest egg a little.

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