Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Beer Served Before Cheney's Hunting Accident

Alcohol was served at a picnic preceding the Vice President's hunting accident.

MSNBC reported that beer was served prior to the hunt, but scrubbed the quote from later reports.

Meanwhile, the District Attorney in Kleberg County, Texas -- where the shooting happened -- says if the shooting victim dies - it could require a grand jury investigation. (Raw Story)


Gindy said...

I am glad you checked in today. I should have known that you would have a handle on those tapes. It will be interesting to see if they are a real bombshell or not. I have also been taking that view of Coulter for a while. She used to be entertaining. Now there are too many comments to cringe at.

For this post, I have gone hunting in Texas a decent amount. They do have a tendency to drink before hunting. I will never go hunting with someone who has had a few beers. Frankly, it is nuts.

Terry "Tex" Turner said...

That's why I don't hunt. I'd enjoy it -- but there are too many drunks in the woods you have no control over.