Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Blame Game is Over -- GAO Pins it on Washington

The Government Accountability Office says the federal government has to shoulder the blame for the foul ups that followed Hurricane Katrina.

In a case of "I told you so" -- Comptroller General David Walker told Congress the GAO warned way back in 1993 Washington needed one "go to guy" to take charge in national disasters like Katrina.

He says that didn't happen in Katrina's wake.


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The GAO found the federal government failed to act decisively or quickly enough to figure out how bad the situation was.

An when they found out... General Walker says "there were multiple chains of command, a myriad of approaches and processes for requesting and providing assistance" and lots of red tape.

The GAO plans to release their full report February 15th.

That's even more warning than the bureaucrats got for Katrina.

More time for damage control.


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