Wednesday, February 01, 2006

High Cost of "Rehab"

MSNBC looks into the details of President Bush's plan to break America's "addiction to oil."
The White House later released a statement with details on what Bush would ask Congress for in his upcoming 2007 budget proposal. Among them:

    • Coal. $281 million to develop clean coal technologies
    • Solar power. $148 million, more than double what was sought in 2006
    • Wind power. $44 million for wind energy research, a $5 million increase over Bush's 2006 request
    • Ethanol. $150 million, a $59 million increase over 2006
    • Plug-in hybrids. $30 million, a $7 million increase over 2006. These vehicles will enable drivers to meet most of their urban commuting needs with virtually no gasoline use
    • Hydrogen. $289 million, a $53 million increase over 2006, to develop fuel
      cell vehicles that run on hydrogen (MSNBC)

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