Thursday, May 03, 2007

VA Honchos Pocket Bonus after Bungled Budget

Remember those guys at the Department of Veteran's Affairs who ran up a billion dollar budget shortfall last year?

They're getting bonuses.

Big bonuses. Up to $33,000.

A year ago, they failed to account for an increase in wounded vets coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. The VA had to go to Congress and ask for emergency money to pay the bills.

The bonuses add up to $3.8 million.

Now, Congress has found out about the big bonuses going to some of the people there responsible for the problems.

Despite the budget fiasco, a missing laptop containing personal info on millions of veterans and active duty service members, and a 177 day wait for vets to get benefits -- the VA averages $16,000 annual bonuses. Those are the best in the federal government. The Office of Personnel Management reports roughly three in every four senior honcho at VA has gotten a bonus in recent years. (AP)

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