Friday, May 18, 2007

Fore! Score a bogey for Big Dig - The Boston Globe

Billions overbudget, years behind schedule, and a chunk of it fell on top of a car killing a person. And you thought the Big Dig couldn't get any worse. From the Boston Globe:

"Now authorities are investigating how the Big Dig -- or, more precisely, a structure built for the project -- became something else: the site of an unauthorized indoor driving range for state troopers who love golf."

The chairman of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority had never heard of the golf range until a local TV station did a story on it.

The state police started their own investigation this week after a reporter started asking questions.

The golf range is in one of seven buildings built to suck dirty air out of the tunnels -- similar to the one pictured here. The driving range takes advantage of a 25 foot ceiling. (Boston Globe)

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