Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Now You See Him, Now You Don't

Stalin did it with photos featuring folks who fell out of favor (see retouched photos).

Appears the Bush administration is stuffing some pictures down the old "memory hole," too.

Al Kamen in his In the Loop column at the Washington Post got his hands on an administration email telling folks to start scrubbing "all picture and statements" from Randall Tobias:

"...[P]lease be alert to the need to remove all picture [sic] and statements from Ambassador Tobias in light of his resignation dated as of April 27, 2007. You should carefully review any ongoing projects such as Websites, reception room walls, printed publications, brochures, PowerPoints, newsletters, etc., to ensure that agency materials are not maintained, produced, printed, or reprinted, with Tobias listed or shown as Administrator or DFA."
You may remember Ambassador Tobias' crime against the State -- he admitted to hanging out with escorts from the DC Madam case.

Oh, if you do remember it, the administration requires you to forget Mr Tobias ever existed. Thank you. (WaPo)

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