Thursday, May 24, 2007

"I'm New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, and I should be dead."

Yeah, like that line won't come back to haunt him at election time.

Remember how Gov Jon Corzine (D-NY) was seriously injured in an SUV roll-over? His State Police driver was hauling the governor to a "talk show emergency" -- doing 90 miles per hour -- and the Governor was breaking the law by failing to wear his seatbelt.

Amazing what umpteen broken bones, a coma and six months of recovery will do to convince people to buckle up.

Apparently, there's no Betty Ford program for failing to wear seatbelts, so the Governor was unable to do pennance by checking into rehab. He's instead opted to star in a series of public service announcements telling people to wear their seatbelts.

Gov Corzine also voluntarily paid the $46 fine for failing to wear his seatbelt. Hard to argue your case in court with a broken leg. And 11 broken ribs. And a broken sternum. And on a ventilator. (

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