Thursday, May 10, 2007

Global Warming could Cook Dixie's Cities

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize it's getting hot outside. But it helps.

NASA scientists predict average summer temperatures could hover around 100-110 degrees in the not too distant future -- say 50-70 years -- all thanks to global climate change. That'd be the hottest summers in Atlanta since Gen Sherman's stroll to the sea.

The all time high for Atlanta stands at 105. The Atlanta Journal Constitution says much hotter temps could be common all summer long from Florida to Chicago:

"The researchers say the projected increase would push the maximum summer temperatures throughout the eastern United States, from Florida to Pennsylvania, to as high as 100 degrees — and to as high as 110 in a smaller area that includes Georgia, the Deep South and Texas."
Cue the quote from one of my favorite TV shows:

"Dale, you giblet-head, we live in Texas! It's already 110 in the summer, and if it gets one degree hotter, I'm going to kick your ass!" -- Hank Hill to Dale Dribble on "King of the Hill," after Dale figures global warming will allow Americans to "grow oranges in Alaska"
Atlanta's burning, but the Eskimos will have fresh oranges! (AJC)

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