Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lone Wolf Back on the Prowl

Poor Paul Wolfowitz -- lost his job, lost his girl. Mr Wolfowitz -- an architect of the Iraq War, immortalized in "Farhenhiet 9/11" as the guy who licked his comb on a live TV news feed (see picture) -- announced last week he'd resign as World Bank President amid an ethics scandal.
Apparently, without all the power and prestige of being World Bank President masking his ragged good looks - and Brylcreem breath -- Shaha Ali Riza actually got a good look at her boyfriend. Ms Riza is the woman who got a cushy promotion and pay raises at the urging of her boss/boyfriend after he took the reigns at the World Bank.
Now, the New York Post reports the power-couple have split after Mr Wolfowitz's power failure:

[Post Investigative reporter Wayne Madsen] spotted Ali Riza by herself, walking up 19th Street in Washington from World Bank offices after Wolfowitz appeared in a closed-door meeting before the bank's executive board. "I thought to myself . . . it's strange she'd be alone right now," Madsen said.
Hey, ladies! The lone Wolfowitz is back on the prowl! Ahhhhh-ooooooooooo! (NYPost)

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