Thursday, May 31, 2007

"I'm Tired of this Mother****ing Tuberculosis, on this Mother***ing Plane!"

Seems the Department of Homeland Insecurity botched several chance to stop the jet-setting-TB-carrying-man.

TB Man is the fellow with the nearly incurable form of tuberculosis who got married, hopped a crowed jet to Europe, flew around that continent on flights to six countries, then came back to the states -- leaving hundreds of people possibly exposed to his disease.

DHS Failures in the TB Man case:
    • His name was on a no-fly list -- but he was allowed to board several different planes
    • Border agents alerted to stop him -- didn't
    • He ducked Italian agents in Rome and hopped another plane when he learnedthe feds were on to him
So TB Man skirts DHS like some character Stephen King could have included in "The Stand." But try to carry that cup of joe on a flight -- and you're looking at serious time, terrorist! (Columbus Dispatch)

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