Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Democrats: Strategic Withdrawal on Timelines

Congressional Democrats -- on the verge of passing a war funding bill without timelines -- have to come up with their own battle plan for selling it to the party faithful.

Democrats in Congress had insisted on timelines for withdrawing troops from Iraq -- even having their first bill vetoed. Democratic voters -- in poll after poll -- overwhelmingly support some kind of withdrawal plan from Iraq.

But with time running out -- and Memorial Day approaching -- Democrats in Congress are hustling to get something out of Congress the President will sign. The idea of a political speech blasting Democrats, delivered from Arlington Cemetary would be a PR nightmare for the Democrats.

Expect the Democrats to focus their attention on what battles they did win in the war with the President over a spending plan. They focused attention on public support for withdrawal, painted the President as stubborn, and got him to agree to accepting benchmarks in Iraq -- or cutting off foreign aid to the Iraqi government. (TCPalm News)

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