Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lord of the Rings

Rudy Giuliani's been spotted sporting New York Yankees World Series Rings. And the way he got them -- could get the GOP Presidential hopeful in hot water.

The Villiage Voice reports the forer New York Mayor has four of the rings -- one for each year the Yankees won the Series while he was Mayor. They're valued at $200,000 for the set of four. But the Mayor reportedly got a sweetheart deal -- getting them for just $16,000. The Voice says that's a problem:

"What's more troubling is that Giuliani's receipt of the rings may be a serious breach of the law, and one that could still be prosecuted. New York officials are barred from taking a gift of greater than $50 value from anyone doing business with the city, and under Giuliani, that statute was enforced aggressively against others."
A World Series ring scandal is a problem Sen Barack Obama (D-IL) will never have with the Cubs. (Village Voice via

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