Friday, May 25, 2007

Tonight on FOX: "Beatdown" with Bob Beckel

Confronted on a Bethesda parking lot, Democratic consultand and talking head Bob Beckel debated a couple of Bush-backers with reason and logic. His right fist is "Reason." His left fist, "Logic."

Mr Beckel's sporting a shiner after the spirited political discussion.

He says he was sitting in his Jeep Cheerokee waiting for his kids when a couple of young guys started peeling off his anti-Bush bumper stickers (see the Washington Post photo).

He asked them to stop. They said he didn't respect the presidency. Yada yada. One of the guys went back to peeling a sticker and Mr Beckel pushed his hand away. That's when Mr Beckel says one of the fellows "sucker punched" him.

Who knows. Maybe the Bush fan thought Mr Beckel would welcome him as a liberator for the move. He certainly didn't take into account Mr Beckel's 6-foot-one, 235 pound frame and the pounding Mr Sucker Punch was about to recieve. He probably also didn't count on his buddy deciding to cut and run -- which is exactly what happened.

Mr Sucker-Punch was pounded like the GOP in the last election, before conceding defeat with an eloquent curled-up-in-the-fetal-position-on-the-asphalt speech. (WaPo)

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