Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rudy's Iowa Stumbles

Rudy Giuliani may be slipping in Iowa and skipping the country's lead off caucuses.

The Associated Press points to a series of problems in the Giuliani campaign in Iowa:
    • A sluggish campaign start
    • Indecision over participating in a key straw poll
    • A poor poll showing
The August straq poll is a key part of the Iowa race. Candidates spend millions to rally support. Many of the 2000 candidates quit the race all together after poor showings there.

"The bigger question is, from a man basing his candidacy on decisiveness and leadership, waffling on the straw poll is a real question." Bob Haus, Republican Consultant
And the Giuliani campaign sounds overconfident about Iowa. Staffers brush aside the straw poll saying it's only important to other candidates and are counting on Mr Giuliani's fundraising prowess and name recognition to save the day at the actual caucuses.

And a new poll from the Des Moines Sunday Register shows Mr Giuliani running third in Iowa's GOP race:
    • Romney: 30%
    • McCain: 18%
    • Giuliani: 17%
Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) says he hasn't seen anything to convince him that Mr Giuliani is as far along with organizing a campaign in Iowa as he should be. (TCPalm: News)

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