Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tackling Health Care & Gas Prices

For the American family, no rising prices have been pinching pocketbooks as much as health care and energy costs.

With gasoline prices breaking the all-time high, 1981 record this weekend, Sen Barak Obama (D-IL) found a way to combine the two issues into a single one for his White House campaign. From the AP:

"[Sen] Obama said his plan encourages domestic automakers to make fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles by giving them health care assistance for retirees. Federal financial assistance would cover 10% - up to $7 billion - of automakers' annual legacy health care costs through 2017, under Obama's plan, which would require automakers to invest at least half of their health care savings into technology to produce fuel-efficient cars."
Financial incentives to help with health care costs and fuel efficient cars. It's a vision for America's future -- where we're driven to the emergency room in a hybrid ambulance getting 50 miles to the gallon. (AP)

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