Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The FOXification of SCOTUS

The US Supreme Court has -- for the first time in history -- posted video on its website.

Want to guess what it is? A car chase.

That's the YouTube version above.

Click here to see it on the SCOTUS website.

It's from the case of Scott v. Harris. A guy running from the law wound up in a wreck and paralyzed. The court used dashboard cameras to decide he didn't have a leg to stand on in wanting to sue police.

So. The stuffy old Supreme Court -- which didn't have a website until well after Mongolia's Supreme Court got one -- has jumped right into the YouTube craze with not just car chase video -- but car chase that ends in a paralyzing crash video.

And remember the court took up Anna Nichol's case long before she was even dead.

You have to wonder if they have any shark attack cases on their docket. (SCOTUS)

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