Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Talk the Talk

Raw Story has gotten their hands on a memo supposedly put out by Carolyn Weyforth, the RNC's Director of Television, listing talking points for Republicans talking to the media about the Karl Rove Ruckus. The idea is for the GOP to close ranks and get on the same page in defending Mr Rove. The lines don't actually take up for Mr Rove, but attack others -- very similar to the analysis the Washington Post provided in today's edition.

The Talking Points cited in Raw Story include lines like these:
  • Once again, Democrats are engaging in blatant political attacks
  • Karl Rove discouraged a reporter from writing a false story based on a false premise
  • The false premise was Joe Wilson's allegation that the Vice President sent him to Niger
  • Karl Rove has fully complied with this investigation for more than a year and has permitted any reporter he spoke with about Joe Wilson to discuss their conversations
Raw Story has a whole lot more of the talking points. See if you can spot them on your friendly, neighborhood cable news shout-fest! Makes for a great drinking game! (Raw Story)

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