Friday, July 22, 2005

What to Wear to the White House

The Washington Post's Robin Givhan worries that the Roberts family is outdated in their look earlier this week at the White House.

She's made a name of late critiquing political fashion for the Post, commenting on Vice President Dick Cheney's frumpy down coat at a Holocaust memorial and Secretary of State Condi Rice's "Darth Vader look" on a visit to Germany.

Now she takes on Judge John Roberts' wife and kids. She points to the pastels and styles as looking like they're from another century -- right down to little Jack's "John-John Kennedy" suit-shorts.

In all honesty, the seer-sucker & saddle shoe shot is going to be one of those pictures in the Roberts family album Mom brings out to embarassing him in front of his prom date some day.

But fashion critic Givhan isn't quite ready for the next century either. She blasts the Northwestern University lacrosse team for wearing flip flops (at Right) to the White House last week. Now if John Kerry had won the election -- maybe they'd be acceptable footwear.(WashPost)

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