Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The X-Rated Debate

The candidate who makes Katherine Harris and Rick Santorum look like deep thinkers had is opponent fighting back laughter in their first debate.

Congressional candidate Vernon Robinson (R-NC), most famous for his Twilight Zone ad, claimed that his opponent, Rep Brad Miller (D-NC), wants to import homosexuals into the US and pay teenage girls to watch porn.

"Those are San Francisco values, not North Carolina values." -- Vernon Robinson, Candidate for Congress

"It's clear that Vernon Robinson is obsessed with sex." -- Rep Brad Miller (D-NC)

Rep Miller took Mr Robinson to task for a campaign ad critical of the Congressman for being "childless" -- suggesting that made him a homosexual. Rep Miller's wife had a hysterectomy nearly 20 years ago. (AP via Yahoo! News)

Twilight Zone Ad:

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