Sunday, October 15, 2006

The First Rewrite of History

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman went on CNN to help rewrite history. Appearing on "Late Edition," Mr Mehlman told Wolf Blitzer the GOP leadership acted quickly to fix the Foley mess.

"They said, get out of Congress or we're going to throw you out. They called in the FBI and the Department of Justice to investigate." -- Ken Mehlman, RNC Chairman, CNN's "Late Edition"
Thing is, it never happened. The GOP leadership never got a chance to talk to Mr Foley after the story broke. When ABC's Brian Ross confronted Mr Foley with damning copies of emails and IMs, Mr Foley stepped down quickly -- before the GOP leadership knew ABC's hand.

GOP leaders knew at least as early as this past spring about the communications, but never asked Mr Foley to resign. (CNN)

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