Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Curt's Italian Vacation

Italian defense contractors are sweating out the FBI probe of US Rep Curt Weldon (R-PA).

Just a year ago he was celebrating with them -- on the US taxpayer tab -- over victories in directing millions in defense dollars toward the Italian companies. Rep Weldon was staying at the five-star Splendido with a harbor view of Portofino (see picture).

He'd flown to Italy aboard a US military jet, and taxpayers were shelling out $1,153 a day in walking around money for the Congressman. But the Congressman is suspected of some dirty deals to get the royal treatment. From the New York Times:

The Justice Department is looking into whether he used his position to steer almost $1 million in consulting contracts from a Russian energy company and other Eastern European interests to a lobbying firm headed by his daughter Karen, 31. Her home and her office were searched two weeks ago by federal officials.

Democrats have already started running ads tying the Pennsylvanian to troubles other GOP House Members have had in this session of Congress:

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