Sunday, October 22, 2006

Michael J Fox's Political Message

Actor Michael J Fox has cut a campaign commercial for Claire McCaskill, the Democrat running for Sen Jim Talent's (R-MO) seat.

Stem cell research has been a big issue in that race. It's a big issue to Mr Fox, who's championed the research to battle Parkinson's disease. The symptoms of Mr Fox's Parkinson's is evident in the ad:

And in an effort to bridge the great divide in the "Show Me State," Mr Fox says the word "Missouri" twice -- pronouncing it once as "Missou-REE" and once as "Missou-RAH." (

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James said...

I'm not sure if this says anything or not, but the first thing I noticed was his symptoms. I've seen Fox recently and he was using meds to keep his symptoms more in check. I wonder if they've gotten worse or if he skipped the meds for political effect.

Two things on stem cell research. I don't believe that stem cell research is the magic cure-all some purport it to be. If it were, there wouldn't be a fight over government funding. The private medical and pharmaceutical industry would be throwing money at it hand over fist.

Second, Bush's (and the right's) resistance shouldn't be so much to stem cell research as it is to the source of those cells. The "matrix" of umbilical cords from babies born healthy and delivered normally is a rich source of the cells required for this research.

Why tread the shaky moral ground of using aborted babies or excess "test-tube" fetuses?