Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More Than One Way to Win an Election

When you're down by 28-points in the polls -- kick your opponent off the ballot.

That could happen in Ohio's Governor's race.

Turns out that Democrat Ted Strickland has two residences in Ohio. He's registered to vote in an apartment, but actually lives in a condo he owns elsewhere in the state.

His opponent, Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell is Secretary of State. Mr Blackwell's supporters argue that because Mr Strickland is registered to vote in the apartment's precient, instead of the condo's -- he's technically not a qualified voter -- and therefore shouldn't be allowed to run for Governor.

And who would have to rule on that?

Why Secretary of State Blackwell, of course.

Forget the fact that Mr Strickland lives in Ohio, forget the fact he's registered to vote in Ohio, and forget the fact that Mr Blackwell has a snowball's chance of winning the election at the polls at this point. Someone has found a way to game the system -- so that Ohio voters lose. (NYT)

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