Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dems Talk War, Rural Voters Turn Blue

Iraq has been the elephant in the living room at Republican rallies for weeks now. It's also been missing from GOP campaign ads. The reason is simple -- talk about Iraq, and voterf migrate to the Democrats.

The Democrats are talking about the war -- and little else -- going into the final week of the campaign. The DNC is launching ads on Iraq in Connecticut, New Mexico, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Iowa. They also plan to launch the ads in other races they haven't named yet.

And new polling data from the Center for Rural Strategies (see video above) shows rural voters in some of the biggest, Reddest Congressional Districts are switching to Democrats this fall. They have the highest per capita enlistments in the armed services -- and the War is not only a local issue for them, but often a personal one. (Ap/KXMB-TV)

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