Monday, October 16, 2006

Using Your Money to Buy Your Vote

The blizzard that buried Buffalo is a boon to Rep Tom Reynolds (R-NY).

It's one last time to try to buy votes with taxpayer money. And it comes as the Congressman is battered from the Foley Page Scandal. Mr Reynolds knew of the Foley e-mails as early as February, but accepted $100,000 from Mr Foley's committees for Republican campaigns in July. He's run TV ads apologizing for his part in the scandal, and trying to shift the blame.

But with Buffalo under umpteen inches of snow and thousands without power, Rep Reynolds is boasting today about helping deliver $5 million in federal aid to help dig out upstate New York.

This comes as the GOP has reportedly written off Rep Reynolds' re-election and added him to a "gone" list.

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