Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Frodo Failed, Bush Has the Ring!

From our "And You Thought Katherine Harris was Batshite Nuts Department" -- a quote from Sen Rick Santorum (R-PA) that puts him back in the running for the top Looney Tune running for office this year.

In a desperate bid for the serious geek vote, he drops a "Lord of the Rings" reference into his explanation on staying the course in Iraq. From Salon.com:

"As the hobbits are going up Mount Doom, the Eye of Mordor is being drawn somewhere else," Santorum said. "It's being drawn to Iraq and it's not being drawn to the U.S. You know what? I want to keep it on Iraq. I don't want the Eye to come back here to the United States."
His comments came in a editorial board meeting at the Bucks County Courier Times. (Salon)

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