Friday, July 01, 2005

Doonesbury Supports the Troops

Gary Trudeau, arthor and artist behind the "Doonesbury" comic strip, is donating all the proceeds from his latest book to Fisher House Foudation. Fisher house helps family members of wounded troops with temporary housing close to where they're family member's hospitalized.

The Long Road Home is a reprint of a storyline that began in March, 2004. It follows the character B.D. who is wounded in Fallujah, Iraq and has his leg amputated. The strips follow his long recovery and often mention Fisher House. (Stars & Stripes)

Doonesbury The Long Road Home, from

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Anonymous said...

That is very kind of him. Doonesbury's account of a solder wounded in the war and having his leg amputated was done very well. He is supportive of the troops and this shows that he doesn't just talk the talk -- he backs it up. Thank you, Gary.