Thursday, January 05, 2006

We're Only Spying on Terrorists

Steve Clemons at The Washington Note suggests UN Ambassador John Bolton bolstered his career when he got wind of the warrantless wiretaps.

TWN hints the domestic spying probe tapped into communications that included:
  • Gov (and Potential 2008 Presidential Candidate) Bill Richardson (D-NM)
  • Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage
  • Former Assistant Secretary of State John Wolf
  • Assistant Secretary of State William Burns
  • US Ambassador to Iraq (and former UN Ambassador) John Negroponte
Mr Clemons suggests that Ambassador Bolton -- while serving in the State Department -- became aware of the secret spying and used it to get around his rivals at the Department -- namely Colin Powell and Mr Armitage.

Mr Clemons bases his theory on a series of NSA intercepts Mr Bolton requested. The names had been blacked out -- but the content suggests at least two of the people mentioned above were targets of the eavesdropping. (The Washington Note)

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