Friday, January 13, 2006

Joe Biden Borrowed My Idea -- Like That's the First Time Anyone Ever Said THAT!

Just brought to my attention.

Did Sen Joe Biden (D-DE) plagiarize me? Here's what he said on "Meet the Press" on November 28, 2005:
"Look, you had phrases like 'mushroom cloud,' 'much graver threat than grave threat,' 'mortal threat,' 'the threat is urgent,' 'grave and gathering danger,' 'urgent threat,' 'immediate threat,' 'serious and growing threat,' 'real threat,' 'significant threat.' These are all phrases these guys used. "
This sounds suspiciously like a passage from a Watching Washington post from a month earlier, October 28, 2005, called FBI Looking for Sources of Forged Uranium Documents:
October-November, 2002: Citing Iraq's purported weapons of mass destruction (WMD), President Bush or senior members of his administration refer to the WMD threat from Iraq as: "significant," "real," "real and dangerous," "serious and growing," "of unique urgency," "unique and urgent," "grave," "much graver," "terrible," "immediate," and "imminent."
Think Sen Biden's people stumbled onto my little ole site? Borrowed the long list of desperate words?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And to have Sen Biden borrow your words -- hey, that'd make me a Labor Party leader in the UK! (Watching Washington)

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