Thursday, January 12, 2006

Making Sure Quakers Sow No Wild Oats

The NSA was supposed to be watching terrorists so they couldn't launch a sneak attack. Instead, they spied on how Quakers inflated balloons for peace rallies. Feel safer yet?

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The folks who brought you warrantless wiretaps have been hard at work measuring the size of Quakers' balloons.

The Raw Story has gotten hold of several pages of documents from the National Securiy Agency.

They show that while Osama bin Laden remains free, the nation's premier intel operation has been spying on a Baltimore-based Quaker group opposed to the Iraq War.

The outfit's called "Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore."

The documents suggest the NSA was interested in monitoring balloons the protestors carried in marches. And they apparently checked out the Quakers -- a historically pacifist Christian group -- for weapons of mass destruction.

Let's face it. Baltimore is just up the road from the NSA's offices and Quakers don't shoot back. A lot easier than tramping around in Pakistan and Afghanistan looking for real terrorists. (TRS)


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