Monday, January 30, 2006

Suit Up

Fewer than 70 Service members who bought their own body armor have asked for reimbursement -- even though there's money for that.

The Army has only repaid $22,000 to the 30 soldiers who asked for reimbursement.

The Navy, about $5,000 for the 34 Sailors who asked for their money.

The Pentagon had originally opposed the reimbursement plan as a strain on their budget. (NYT)


The Bastard said...

Thanks Terry, for linking up! It should also be noted that we will be purchasing other materials for the soldiers. Obviously body armor has priority but we are trying to provide whatever they need to stay alive.

Cranky Liberal said...

Terry Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are trying ot get the word out any way we can and it's through people like you we just might get enough buzz going to help save a life.

Terry "Tex" Turner said...

Thanks for doing this.

I lost a buddy from high school last year to an IED in Baghdad. He was the kid brother of my best friend in high school.

And a friend of mine from work just got back safe and sound from a year in Iraq.

Glad to see people actually doing something for our men and women.