Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Keeping the Lions Share of Abramoff Money

Politicians can't get away from Jack Abramoff fast enough. President Bush is even unloading money from the lobbyist turned prosecution witness. But it's only a fraction of the money Mr Abramoff brought in for Mr Bush's campaign.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan didn't have an exact figure -- but he says the President's re-election committee is sending "several thousand" dollars to charity.

That's shaping up as about $6,000.

The Democratic National Committee says the President took more than $100,000 from Abrahamoff over the years. Mr Abramoff was one of candidate Bush's "Pioneers" -- fundraisers who raised at least $100,000 in funds for the President's campaigns.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers have returned around $200,000 so far in their attempts to wash their hands of what promises to be the biggest scandal to hit Washington in years. (Reuters)

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