Wednesday, January 11, 2006

To the Left...March!

The Atlantic Monthly looks into the phenomenon of more than 30 military veterans running for Congress as Democrats in the 2006 elections.

This sort of thing was common after past wars -- when there was a draft. It's highly unusual in the era of the all volunteer force where only a small percentage of the population ever serves.

"What you're looking at now is fairly unusual. This is the first time post-1975 that you're seeing a group emerge that specifically wants to get involved in politics." -- Richard Kohn, Chair of the Curriculum in Peace, War, and Defense, University of North Carolina.
Joshua Green's analysis starts with the story of Command Sergeant Major Tim Waltz. He and two young students were denied access to a speech by President Bush in 2004, because one of the boys had a John Kerry sticker on his wallet. (Atlantic Monthly, HT: Hotline)

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